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Las Vegas Teens Hit and Run: Says He will be ‘out in 30 days’

Welcome to, where we delve into the gripping narrative of the Las Vegas teens hit and run case. In this article, we navigate the intricate details of a tragic incident that unfolded on the bustling streets of Las Vegas. Join us as we dissect the legal complexities, explore the profound impact on the community, and unravel the pursuit of justice in this high-profile case. This compelling narrative not only highlights road safety concerns but also underscores the significance of accountability in our society.


Who is Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys?

Who is Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys?
Who is Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys?

In the heart of the bustling city of Las Vegas, a tragic incident involving two teenagers, Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys, has shaken the community. These two individuals, aged 17 and 16 at the time, now face grave charges related to a hit-and-run incident that claimed the life of a retired California police chief.

Trial Date Set for Las Vegas Teens Charged in Hit-and-Run Killing

The trial date for Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys has been established, casting a spotlight on their alleged involvement in a harrowing hit-and-run incident. Scheduled to commence in Clark County District Court on September 16, 2024, this trial is expected to unveil the details surrounding the case that has left the community in shock.

Defendants: Jesus Ayala (17 years old) and Jzamir Keys (16 years old) at the Time

At the time of the incident, Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys were just teenagers, their ages standing at 17 and 16, respectively. Their youth, combined with the nature of the charges they face, has sparked significant interest and debate within the Las Vegas community and beyond.

Charges Include Murder, Battery, and Grand Larceny of an Automobile

Ayala and Keys have entered not-guilty pleas to multiple felonies, including charges as severe as murder, battery, and grand larceny of an automobile. These charges reflect the gravity of the incident and underscore the legal complexities of their impending trial.

Victims: Cyclist Andreas “Andy” Probst, a Retired California Police Chief

The tragic incident that led to this trial resulted in the death of cyclist Andreas “Andy” Probst, a retired California police chief. Probst was simply enjoying a bicycle ride when the incident occurred, and his life was abruptly taken in what appears to be an intentional hit-and-run.

Video Evidence of the Alleged Hit-and-Run Incident

Compounding the gravity of the case is the presence of video evidence. Footage captured from the scene, depicting the alleged hit-and-run, has not only been a crucial piece of evidence but has also raised questions about the mindset and intentions of the defendants on that fateful day. This video has since garnered significant attention, contributing to the growing interest in the case.

Alleged Hit-and-Run Incident

Alleged Hit-and-Run Incident
Alleged Hit-and-Run Incident

Video Evidence from the Stolen Vehicle

The heart-wrenching incident that forms the core of the Las Vegas teens hit and run case is marked by chilling video evidence, captured from within the confines of a stolen vehicle. This footage offers a distressing glimpse into the events that transpired on that ill-fated day.

  1. Vehicle Approaching Probst from Behind

    In the video, we witness the stolen vehicle approaching Andreas “Andy” Probst from behind. Probst, an innocent cyclist, was enjoying a peaceful ride along the Las Vegas roads when he became an unwitting target.

  2. Male Voices Heard Laughing

    As the vehicle draws nearer to Probst, the eerie soundtrack of male voices filled with laughter permeates the scene. This disturbing audio underscores the callousness of the individuals inside the vehicle, whose actions appear far from accidental.

  3. Vehicle Steering Toward Probst and Ramming the Bicycle

    The most distressing part of the video is the vehicle’s deliberate steering toward Probst, followed by the gruesome act of ramming the bicycle. This calculated maneuver leaves no room for doubt about the intention behind the actions.

  4. Probst Thrown onto the Vehicle’s Hood and Windshield

    The impact of the collision is palpable in the footage as Probst is forcibly thrown onto the vehicle’s hood and windshield. The force of the collision is enough to cause severe injuries and ultimately cost Probst his life.

  5. Probst Seen on the Ground Next to the Curb

    Following the collision, the video shows Probst’s lifeless body on the ground, adjacent to the curb. This heart-wrenching image stands as a stark testament to the brutal nature of the hit and run incident that unfolded on that fateful day.

Underage Status of the Defendants and Nevada Law

The alleged perpetrators of this horrific incident, Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys, were underage at the time, adding complexity to an already grave case. The intersection of their youth and Nevada law’s provisions raises pertinent questions about the potential outcomes of this trial.

  1. Maximum Sentence They Could Face if Convicted (20 Years to Life)

    Under Nevada law, the most severe sentence that the defendants could receive on the murder charge, if convicted, is a staggering 20 years to life in state prison. Remarkably, the law precludes the possibility of a death penalty in this instance due to the defendants’ ages at the time of the alleged crimes.

  2. One of the Defendants Has Turned 18 Since the Incident

    It’s crucial to note that one of the accused individuals has since turned 18, bringing an additional layer of legal intricacy to the proceedings. The impact of this age milestone on the trial’s dynamics remains a topic of significant interest and discussion.

New Video Evidence

Prosecutors Present New Video

The Las Vegas teens hit and run case has taken a grim turn with the emergence of new video evidence. Prosecutors have brought forth this critical piece of visual documentation, shedding light on the moments leading up to the catastrophic collision.

Video Captures the Moments Before the Deadly Collision

The newly unveiled video provides a haunting glimpse into the minutes preceding the fatal hit and run incident. It offers a stark contrast between the serenity of a cyclist’s ride and the impending tragedy that would unfold.

Passenger Inside the Vehicle Heard Saying, “Bump Him, Bump Him, Bump Him”

The chilling audio captured within the vehicle further deepens the disturbing narrative of this case. A passenger inside the vehicle can be distinctly heard uttering the words, “Bump him, bump him, bump him.” These words, seemingly uttered in anticipation of the impending collision, send shivers down the spine.

Laughter Heard as the Collision Occurs

As the collision transpires, the video’s audio captures the unmistakable sound of laughter. This juxtaposition of mirthful laughter with the unfolding tragedy paints a disconcerting picture of the individuals involved, casting doubts on the notion of an accidental incident.

Someone in the Vehicle Says, “Drive Off” as the Engine Revs Up

Following the collision, a voice inside the vehicle can be heard uttering the words, “Drive off,” just as the engine revs up. This command underscores a sense of urgency to flee the scene, leaving the injured victim behind.

The newly presented video evidence adds a layer of complexity to the Las Vegas teens hit and run case. It provides a harrowing window into the mindset and actions of those involved, raising questions about their intentions and culpability. As the legal proceedings progress, this evidence will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the pursuit of justice for the victim and the community affected by this tragic incident.

Bicyclist’s Testimony

Bicyclist’s Account of the Incident

The key eyewitness in the Las Vegas teens hit and run case, the bicyclist who survived the tragic incident, provided a harrowing account of the events that transpired on that fateful day. His testimony is instrumental in reconstructing the sequence of events.

Riding with a Helmet and an Orange Shirt for Visibility

The bicyclist emphasized his commitment to safety, recounting that he was wearing a helmet and an orange shirt. These precautions were taken to ensure maximum visibility to drivers along his route, emphasizing his dedication to responsible cycling.

Riding Along Lone Mountain Road and Buffalo Drive

On the day of the incident, the bicyclist was navigating his way along Lone Mountain Road and Buffalo Drive, a route he commonly frequented. The familiarity of the path adds to the tragedy of the situation, as it highlights the unpredictability of the events that unfolded.

Vehicle Drifting into the Bike Lane, Causing the Bicyclist to Move Over

The bicyclist recalled how the vehicle involved in the hit and run incident began to drift into the bike lane, forcing him to move over toward the curb. This sudden and unexpected maneuver left him with limited options and ultimately led to the collision.

The Bicyclist’s Surprise at Being Struck

In a startling revelation, the bicyclist admitted to his surprise at being struck. He initially considered that the driver of the vehicle might have been attempting to ask for directions, a stark contrast to the deliberate and malicious intent that the newly presented video evidence suggests.

Description of Injuries, Including Road Rash and an Injured Left Knee

The aftermath of the collision left the bicyclist with a series of injuries. He recounted suffering from road rash, a painful condition resulting from contact with the road surface, and an injured left knee that caused significant discomfort. These physical scars serve as a stark reminder of the incident’s traumatic nature.

Uncertainty About Losing Consciousness

As the collision unfolded, the bicyclist’s account included uncertainty about whether he lost consciousness during the incident. The disorienting nature of the collision adds further complexity to the sequence of events and raises questions about the traumatic impact on the victim.

The bicyclist’s testimony provides a crucial firsthand perspective on the Las Vegas teens hit and run incident. His recollections, along with the newly presented video evidence, are instrumental in piecing together the tragic puzzle surrounding this case. As the legal proceedings progress, his account will be integral in seeking justice and holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Charges and Grand Jury Indictment

Charges Against Ayala and Keys

The legal framework surrounding the Las Vegas teens hit and run case is marked by a series of grave charges, reflecting the profound impact of the incident on the victim and the community. The charges against the accused, Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys, are as follows:

  1. Murder with the Use of a Deadly Weapon

    Ayala and Keys face the most severe charge of murder, compounded by the use of a deadly weapon. This charge underscores the gravity of the consequences resulting from their actions.

  2. Attempted Murder with the Use of a Deadly Weapon

    In addition to murder, the defendants are accused of attempted murder, also with the use of a deadly weapon. This charge highlights the potential intent to harm multiple individuals.

  3. Battery with the Use of a Deadly Weapon Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm

    The charges extend to include battery with the use of a deadly weapon, resulting in substantial bodily harm. This charge acknowledges the physical harm inflicted upon the victim, further intensifying the legal implications.

  4. Two Counts of Duty to Stop at the Scene of a Crash Involving Death or Personal Injury

    The defendants are also facing two counts of failing to fulfill their duty to stop at the scene of a crash that resulted in death or personal injury. This failure to render aid or report the incident adds another layer of legal complexity to the case.

Enhancements Due to Victims Being Older Than 60 Years of Age

The seriousness of the charges is further compounded by the fact that the victims of this tragic incident, including the retired police chief Andreas “Andy” Probst, were older than 60 years of age. Under the law, this age factor serves as an enhancement, intensifying the legal consequences faced by the accused.

The charges and grand jury indictment in the Las Vegas teens hit and run case underscore the severity of the incident and the potential legal ramifications for Ayala and Keys. As the legal proceedings move forward, these charges will be central in determining the fate of the accused and in seeking justice for the victims.


Ongoing Legal Proceedings

As the Las Vegas teens hit and run case progresses, the legal system is poised to rigorously examine the evidence, witness testimonies, and the charges levied against the accused, Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys. The trial, scheduled to begin on September 16, 2024, will serve as a crucial milestone in the pursuit of justice.

Significance of the Case in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas teens hit and run case has left an indelible mark on the city of Las Vegas and its community. The shocking nature of the incident, the video evidence, and the accused individuals’ ages have ignited public interest and discussions about the safety of the community.

This case serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of road safety and responsible behavior. It underscores the need for vigilance and accountability, particularly among young individuals who are entrusted with the responsibility of operating vehicles safely.

Justice Sought for the Hit-and-Run Killing of Andy Probst

At the heart of this case is the tragic loss of a beloved individual, Andy Probst, a retired California police chief who was struck down while riding his bicycle. The community mourns his untimely death, and justice is fervently sought for him and other victims of this heinous crime.

The Las Vegas teens hit and run case represents a quest for justice, not only for the victims but also for a community that has been deeply affected by this incident. It serves as a stark reminder of the need to uphold the principles of safety, responsibility, and accountability on the roads.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Las Vegas community, as well as the broader public, watches with bated breath, hopeful that justice will prevail and that the memory of Andy Probst and the other victims will be honored. Ultimately, this case underscores the importance of ensuring that our roadways remain safe for all, free from the tragedies that can result from recklessness and negligence.

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